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 Mexican recipes vary from region to region in Mexico due to different climates, local ingredients and techniques learned over the years from the influences of Mayan and Aztec Indians, and the French and Spanish settlers.

There are five major regions, with some lessor regions. They are northern, Central, Southern, Yucatan Peninsula, Baja Peninsula. Following is a basic outline of these areas.

Northern:    This area is known for its beef, goat and ostrich production.  Heavier fare such as burritos, refried beans and spanish rice are common in this area.

Central:        This area is largely influenced by the rest of the country, but has unique dishes as menudo, carnitas, and barbacoa.

Southern:       This area prefers more chicken and vegetables, plus corn tortillas. More of the black beans as well as dishes with plantains.

Yucatan:         This area features a lot of native Mayan ingredients.  Pork, turkey, deer, hard boiled eggs.

Baja Peninsula:  This area which has more sea access uses a lot of what the sea has to offer.  Fresh seafood Paella is a staple in this area, there is a lot of Spanish influence in the food. Baja is also Mexico's primary wine growing area.

Various types of chilies are used in all of the areas of Mexico, plus tomatoes, and spices common to the different locals.

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