Everything Mexico

This site was created out of my curiosity.  Like many of you I have enjoyed some of the  tourist locations in Mexico.  I have visited the shops and Mercado's, seen the beautiful pottery, the textiles, the leather bags, the silver jewelery  and I have wondered who are the people who have created these things that I admire and where do they come from. 

This site is to intended to introduce you to the different areas of Mexico where the items are actually hand crafted.
There will be links to further information, if you are interested in a little exploration of your own, and there will be links to show the actual products from the different areas. 

There is also a travel area that can be used to plan a vacation or make a plan to take a spanish course in the country of Mexico.

 I hope that you enjoy my curiosity.  I can be contacted  at the contact link with any questions or comments.  If there is something or somewhere that you are interested in please send me an email.

Happy Travels,


P.S.  There is a wonderful book by Julia Taylor that is great whether you are traveling, looking for more information or thinking of moving to mexico, check it out here: 

                Also, if you are thinking about learning a little or a lot of spanish before traveling, Marcus Santamaria has a course that will have you speaking in a very short time.  It is an innovative method of learning, and fun too.  Plus you get 5 free lessons!!  Check it out here:  Synergy Spanish